Business Communication Coaches (Online)

We are currently recruiting Intercultural Business Communication Coaches for a Nikkei / Financial Times joint venture which helps managers in Asia and Latin America work better with Westerners. This is achieved by simulating business situations and coaching managers on how to improve their communication skills.

Through role-plays, coaches simulate the communication challenges typical of cross-cultural business situations and give each learner actionable feedback. The learners are motivated and bring their own knowledge and experience to each role-play making every session different and challenging!

Example Simulations (role-plays)

  • Delegating a sales report to a sales manager in a low context culture (e.g. the US)
  • Negotiating the terms of a conference with a hotel manager in a hard-bargaining culture (e.g. France)


Coaches simulate cross-cultural business situations. You will:

  • Coach managers from different backgrounds in 30 or 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions (all materials provided)
  • Provide actionable feedback to improve the learner’s communication skills and cross-cultural awareness
  • Adapt your coaching styles to the needs and goals of each learner
  • Engage in regular observations and feedback meetings

Your Background

  • At least two years senior management experience
  • 2 years+ working across cultures (as an expatriate or with an international team/clients/customers)
  • 2 years+ coaching / teaching / training business professionals
  • Strong awareness of intercultural issues (CLICK HERE if this is a new area for you)
  • Comfortable working in a remote-only team and using the associated apps and software
  • Experience in teaching Business English is advantageous

Why Join Us?

  • Fixed working schedules with guaranteed pay with or without a booked session
    – Full-time roles – maximum of 30 coaching hours per week – starting at $2,200 / month minimum + dependent on experience and performance
    – Part-time roles – minimum of 15 coaching hours/week, rate based on hours scheduled
  • No penalties or micro-managing! Our coaches are experienced professionals and are treated as such
  • Recognition – be more than a number … we value the unique knowledge and approach each of our coaches bring to the role
  • The chance to work with a team of business and education experts from around the world (over 18 different nationalities and counting!)


If you are ready to change the way you view an online class and flex your coaching skills then please send the following to

  1. A detailed CV / resume listing your business management, intercultural operation and coaching / teaching experience
  2. A short video containing the following:
  • A brief introduction focusing on your business management experience in cross-cultural contexts (1 minute)
  • Your response to the following question (2 minutes) …

Please give an example of some of the business communication challenges that could be expected when a senior manager from a Japanese multinational (B2 English language proficiency) is transferred to the USA on an expat contract, and what practical advice would you give them to deal with these challenges.


While TEFL and Business English experience is a great asset in this role, this is a business coaching position NOT a Business English teaching job. In your video and later interview, focus more on issues relating to effective business communication in an intercultural context rather than English language acquisition.