• MisterBee is the mainstay of training & educational services for internationally-based online course providers and independent practitioners. Our main aim is to support trainers and educators from any field in the design and delivery of highly-effective online courses.

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Available courses

Our signature training in Online Course Delivery is designed for teachers and trainers in any field who wish to develop their career in online education. It covers the essentials of moderating a virtual learning environment (VLE), content design, how to effectively balance self-access content with live sessions, the facilitation of learner-centred knowledge construction, and assessment. If you think ‘teaching online’ just means live lessons in a virtual classroom, then get ready to think again!

This self-access online training is designed for teachers and trainers from any field who wish to design and deliver their own online courses, using the Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE). Your Moodle page will be hosted free-of-charge for 3 months. The aim is that you will create your first course with our assistance during the training, then will have time to give it a pilot run with your own learners. A fully supported pilot run of your course is included in the package.

This self-access training is designed for owners and administrators of Moodle installations and provides everything you need to effectively run your own online learning platform. The training is provided free-of-charge for our Moodle Hosting clients.

This self-access training is designed for WordPress publishers. It covers the essentials of developing a WordPress website and is provided free-of-charge to our WordPress Hosting clients.