Online Course Delivery

If you think ‘teaching online’ just means live lessons in a virtual classroom or Zoom, then get ready to think again!

“I felt so inspired by this course, which I learned so much from. It gave me a better perception of online teaching.” – Margo in South Africa

Online Course Delivery is designed for teachers, trainers and coaches from any field who wish to develop their career in online education and to deliver their very own online courses.

What will you learn?
  • Working with virtual learning environments (i.e. Moodle)
  • How eLearning can be better than face-to-face training
  • How to effectively balance live sessions with self-access online content
  • Engaging and motivating online learners
  • Creating tasks for different learner types
  • Essential elements of multimedia design
  • The keys to teaching in a virtual classroom
  • The psychology of online learning
  • Effective assessment in the online world
Course Syllabus
  1. Access & Climate Setting
    We’ll begin our journey by exploring our virtual learning environment (VLE), finding our way around some of the course resources, and in getting to know each other. As a virtual learning community, we will be working very closely together throughout the course. We’ll start thinking about how to effectively moderate online courses, and will also consider the advantages of eLearning over face-to-face training.

  2. Online Socialization
    Unit 2 is based on the concept of learning being a social process and looks at how a tutor can encourage interaction in a learner-centred online environment. We’ll also think about learner types and how to cater for these. We will learn how to develop a lively social learning environment, consider some important tutor skills, and try out a variety of digital learning activities.

  3. Information Exchange
    Online learning environments allow a multitude of ways to present multimedia content. In this unit, we’ll cover essential principles of multimedia learning, and experiment with a range of tools and online resources. This is a very practical unit!

  4. Knowledge Construction
    In Unit 4 we’ll look at how the dynamics of our initial stages of course design result in the main aim of socialisation: the establishment of a true online learning community. We’ll explore some important theory at the heart of knowledge construction, try out some more digital learning activities, and begin work on a collaborative project.

  5. Development
    In this final unit of our voyage we’ll look at how to bring a course to an end. We’ll consider assessment in the online context, and think about how to ensure that our learners leave our courses with the confidence to continue their learning autonomously. The final assessment is a collaborative group project in which you will be developing a sample unit for a course.

By the end of this course:

  • You will be fully-versed in delivering highly-effective courses in virtual learning environments
  • You will be able to deliver your own complete courses online … not just live sessions in Zoom!
Course length, dates & times

This 35-hour course is delivered over 5 weeks. There will be a weekly 1-hour live session, the timing of which will be negotiated per the availability of the group.

Apart from the live session, much of the interaction takes place in online forums. Participants can log in and work through each unit at any time during the week.

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”I enjoyed Online Course Delivery immensely. The training provider has designed a detailed course that gives fantastic value for money, incorporating both individual and group forms of communication and tasks. The course has given me the knowledge and tools to further my career teaching online. I can highly recommend Online Course Delivery.” – Matt in Brazil