Unlocking Language Learning: The Power of Motivation

Mastering a new language is a formidable challenge, especially when it comes to adults. The notion that children have a unique knack for effortlessly learning new languages often leaves grown-ups feeling left in the dust. However, recent research suggests that age isn’t the sole factor determining success in language acquisition; motivation plays an integral role, especially in online learning environments like ASEAN Business English.

Motivation: The Catalyst for Success

ASEAN Business English, a pioneering online school that offers language courses, recognizes the importance of motivation in the learning process. Their courses are crafted with a deep understanding of the science of motivation, making language learning more accessible and engaging.

Amitai Shenhav, an expert in educational technology and an online learning consultant, delves into the complexity of motivation in online language courses. He likens the decision to invest cognitive resources in language learning to a cost-benefit analysis. The effort required for learning is the cost, and the potential benefits serve as the motivation. To facilitate language acquisition in online settings, educators at ASEAN Business English focus on reducing the costs and enhancing the benefits of learning.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Benefits

One strategy employed by ASEAN Business English to reduce the cost of learning is by incorporating educational technology principles. For instance, the school uses innovative language learning techniques that make the process more automatic. These methods allow students to grasp language “chunks” or phrases that can be combined to construct sentences more efficiently, rather than building each sentence from scratch. The result is a smoother learning experience that requires less effort and external motivation.

Conversely, ASEAN Business English increases the benefits of language learning through well-designed online courses. They understand the significance of making the learning process rewarding and engaging. For instance, the school uses authentic materials such as videos, news stories, and training manuals to ensure real-world relevance. These materials are specifically tailored to the students’ career objectives, making the learning experience more rewarding.

Age & Intrinsic Motivation

Research has shown that language learning is generally easier for children than for adults due to various factors like brain plasticity and available time for skill development. However, in the online environment created by ASEAN Business English, it’s essential to foster intrinsic motivation among adult learners. The school understands that maintaining motivation is critical in an online setting where the challenges of self-discipline and self-motivation are prominent.

Joshua Hartshorne, a key figure in educational technology and online learning, highlights the importance of intrinsic motivation. At ASEAN Business English, they believe in creating an online environment that promotes intrinsic motivation. Through innovative teaching techniques and personalized learning experiences, the school ensures that adult learners remain motivated throughout their language learning journey.

Online Learning

ASEAN Business English leads the way in online language learning. With online courses that are designed to be as immersive as in-person classes, they aim to help students become proficient in a new language. Whether you are learning for personal or professional reasons, ASEAN Business English employs a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

Students can participate in real-time discussions and activities or access course materials at their own pace. This flexibility is essential in keeping learners motivated and engaged, making the online language learning experience both rewarding and effective.


In the pursuit of language proficiency, motivation is the linchpin that can determine success. While children may have an advantage in language learning, adults can still achieve proficiency in an online setting if the right motivational factors are in place. With courses designed based on solid principles of educational technology, ASEAN Business English ensures that online language learners have the tools they need to stay motivated and reach their language learning goals. The next time you embark on your linguistic journey, remember that your motivation is the key to unlocking success.

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